Powerful Pray-er

One of the most aspirational pray-ers that I have found in the Old Testament is Daniel.

Pray, Wait, Prepare

We are called to pray continuously, wait in faith, and prepare ourselves for an answer

Take Action

Share the Gospel! We need to realize that we will never be the perfect person or have the perfect situation or know the perfect words.

Run to the Father

We all have struggles, fears, worries, anger, doubts and a hundred other names for the anxieties that this fallen world seems to breed like cockroaches.

OG Elijah and the Prophets

One of my favorite Bible stories is about the epic slugfest between Elijah and Queen Jezebel’s 450 prophets of Baal on the top of Mount Carmel

Start Reading the Bible

Regularly reading the Bible is one of the most important habits that a Christian can cultivate. Knowing why you should read it and having a good strategy is important.

Bible Stories

Most of you have heard these Bible Stories, but there are some common misconceptions and misrememberances on my part and maybe on yours.


We are called to fill our lives with things contrary to the flesh – things that build our faith and spirit. Here are some things that can help us, not hinder us.