Peace of Mind and Heart

We will experience sadness and pain and despair in this life, but God does not leave us there. He lovingly gave us a helper, who gently picks His children up and holds them when they are hurting.

Don’t Stop

When I was younger, I used Jesus like a savings account (a “Savior Account”?) – something in place for a rainy day, but unused for months or years at a time.

On Fruit and Storms

Today we are going to talk about fruit and storms. Specifically about where Jesus says we should build our lives and how we know if we are building in the right spot – by looking at our fruit.

Read the Bible

Regularly reading the Bible is one of the most important habits that a Christian can cultivate. Knowing why you should read it and having a good strategy is important.

Bible Stories

Most of you have heard these Bible Stories, but there are some common misconceptions and misrememberances on my part and maybe on yours.

  • Groaning
    God delivered on the groans and cries for the Israelites throughout Exodus and He will deliver for us.
  • Striving and Scheming
    How many years have we lived the same life – striving and scheming, thinking we are winning, but all the time actually losing?
  • Rachel, The One Where She Finally has a Child
    Rachel is first in Jacob’s heart, and, first in every way. At first glance…


We are called to fill our lives with things contrary to the flesh – things that build our faith and spirit. Here are some things that can help us, not hinder us.