Shelter of the Most High

It is a world full of evil where not one is righteous, but if we choose to trust in the Lord and live in His presence, He will protect us and give us salvation.

What is Truth?

As Christians, we need to remember that there is absolute truth among the cacophony of crap.

Paused (No More)

I am on pause.
My emotions are blown about by the ever-changing winds ripping through our world.
Maybe you are paused too.
It’s time to hit play.

Sacred Space

“Church is not just the building, but it is about the building as well.” I am ready to get back to that building.

Read the Bible

Regularly reading the Bible is one of the most important habits that a Christian can cultivate. Knowing why you should read it and having a good strategy is important.

Bible Stories

Most of you have heard these Bible Stories, but there are some common misconceptions and misrememberances on my part and maybe on yours.

  • Groaning
    God delivered on the groans and cries for the Israelites throughout Exodus and He will deliver for us.
  • Striving and Scheming
    How many years have we lived the same life – striving and scheming, thinking we are winning, but all the time actually losing?
  • Rachel, The One Where She Finally has a Child
    Rachel is first in Jacob’s heart, and, first in every way. At first glance…


We are called to fill our lives with things contrary to the flesh – things that build our faith and spirit. Here are some things that can help us, not hinder us.

  • Review – Home Town
    A show that features good Biblical models for loving your neighbors and each other.
  • Book Reviews #1
    I am a big believer that good books can drown out the daily noise that inundates us. Here are a few.
  • Review – Moneyball movie
    A movie about baseball and math? Well, really, it is about much more.