Really Slow to Speak

The world’s standard is to listen without arguing. God’s standard is much higher.

Shelter of the Most High

It is a world full of evil where not one is righteous, but if we choose to trust in the Lord and live in His presence, He will protect us and give us salvation.

What is Truth?

As Christians, we need to remember that there is absolute truth among the cacophony of crap.

Paused (No More)

I am on pause.
My emotions are blown about by the ever-changing winds ripping through our world.
Maybe you are paused too.
It’s time to hit play.

Sacred Space

“Church is not just the building, but it is about the building as well.” I am ready to get back to that building.

Build a Sanctuary for Him

God told the Hebrews to build a sanctuary for Him and He will inhabit it. He tells us to do the same.


The most minor of allowance for sin can open the door for more

Praise Jesus, and the Father!

Today is a good day to again turn to and imitate our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us give praise that Jesus has overcome the grave!