Indian Summer

May my life not be destitute of its Indian Summer, so I may once more lie on the ground with faith as in Spring. –Henry David Thoreau

Indian Summer? Well, not really, I suppose. It is still pretty much Summer, seeing that it has not been consistently cold enough yet. Although, some say Autumn begins when the Pumpkin Spice bathes the world via Starbucks. Others say the beginning is tied to a specific astronomical based date and still others make it official when the Fall candles are lit.

I guess I choose to post this now for meteorological reasons – it is supposed to get cold later this week.

I reserve the right to post it again in October if another Indian Summer shows up!

…when the warm late days of Indian summer come in, the Deacon began to say to the minister, “I suppose it’s about time for the Thanksgiving proclamation,” at such times there came over the community a sort of genial repose of spirit. – Harriet Beecher Stowe

“It’s the purtiest thing I ever saw, jest like October skies in Indian summer, and the brown rugs, like leaves in the woods, couldn’t be beat – Gene Stratton-Porter

Picture from Caroline Anderson

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